Economics is a social science that tends to determine and describe various factors that affect the consumption, distribution and production of goods and services. Economics mostly focuses on the behavior of the market and the interaction between the economic agent and how economies work. Economics can be distinguished into two major branches namely; microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics analyses the overall behavior of primary elements in the economy which includes the market and individual agents.

Macroeconomics examines the whole economy which includes, consumption, investments, aggregated production and savings and issues that affects the economy. There are various that affect the economy including public policies, inflation, economic growth, unemployment among other factors. Economic analyses are applicable throughout the society in terms of business, health care, finance and government. The analyses can also be applied in diverse matters like education, family, religion, politics and crime.

Economics as a subject is very vital in the society in that it helps the students in understanding the various factors affecting the growth of the country and helps them in finding long lasting solutions to the problems. Inflation is the major problem that faces each and every growing economy. Having a progressive knowledge on economics will guide you in tackling inflation and its effects.

In this century, many colleges and universities have come in handy to help students learn more about the economy through the introduction of economics in the curriculum. This gives the students the knowledge about the economy and also helps them in developing their career as economists. The course also helps the students to understand the principles of marketing and how to apply the knowledge gained in real world.

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